Podcast Episode 4: Non-binary genders with Shakira


In our latest podcast episode, Tania speaks with Shakira Rae Adams M Ed. (they/them).

Shakira’s Bio:

Here we are in a gender divided world with many broken systems. I am a non-binary queer solo parent passionate about raising a non-binary child in empowerment and security. I am a full-time student at North Seattle College pursuing my passion in medicine while teaching Cedar how to take care for all aspects of their body with the choices THEY create.

For us, parenting is a journey of one change after another and at times challenging to keep up with. Our values are focused in social justice & equity actions, education, honesty, connection and health. No matter what the challenge is we can overcome any restrictions if it is our desire to do so. There is no perfection on parenting and there IS a point of doing enough. Cedar and I form connections through language, music, art, books, culture, nature and imaginary play. There is a set of basic needs to fulfill for all humans and then the world has vast possibilities to become who they are. Cedar will be who they are and that is good enough for me.

Shakira Rae Adams M Ed.