Podcast Season 2: Episode 1: Teaching CHildren Empathy with Kate Barratt

Tania Hino talks to Kate Barratt about teaching children empathy. Kate has B.A. in Early Childhood and Family Studies from the University of Washington, Master in teaching from the University of Washington, and with a Certificate in e-Learning and Instructional Design. Kate is an innovative educator and instructional leader. Originally from Toronto, Canada, she has […]

Found and Lost

Found and Lost by Glen Osborn, N. Seattle College Parent Education Instructor Being alive means change keeps happening.  Change brings the loss of some things and opportunities to find some new things. This is true even for the Coronavirus pandemic we’re living through right now. Think about and then list some important things you’ve lost as […]

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Parenting in the Age of Coronavirus

Parenting in the Age of CoronavirusBy Erin BernauParenting is a sprint. You wake up at full attention and follow little people around all day from one activity to another. Your body is a punching bag, a car ramp, a medical experiment. Parenting is also a slog. There are long periods of playing cars on the floor, […]

Parent Impostor Syndrome

Do you ever feel like you do not know what you’re doing with your kids? Do you feel like you do not have enough patience? Do you feel like you are not as good as the other parents? Do you feel like you are supposed to enjoy being a parent all the time but you are not? Do you feel like you are an impostor when you are serving on the board? Do you ever worry that you are not the best co-op parent or that you do not know how to be a co-op parent? Have you had any of these feelings?

Articulating our Family Values

For me, questions like these conjure up memories of workplace retreats, trust falls, and “yay team” sorts of motivational talks. They are the types of guiding questions that formal groups- nonprofits, corporations, etc- may turn to as they seek to establish a shared vision. Interestingly, they are also the types of questions that an increasing number of families are asking themselves as they seek to jointly define their values and their expectations. […]

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Protecting Routine During the Holiday Season

This time of year can be a lot of fun and very exciting for young children. It can also be challenging for parents as we try to strike a balance between holiday activities and bedtimes and routines.

Here a few different philosophies to help this busy season go more smoothly. Perhaps one will resonate with you or you might think of another option: […]

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Building a More Thankful Family

Building a More Thankful Family By Katie Gruver, Co-Founder & Parent Educator at Positive Parenting Seattle Along with crunchy autumn leaves, pumpkin spice everything and holiday trips to overeat while spending time with family and friends, this time of year gets many of us thinking about gratitude. And while the banal hashtag #blessed might have […]

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Spring into Fall!

Spring into Fall! Starting school (even co-op) can be a big challenge for many children. Here are some tips to get your year off to a more peaceful year: Arrive to school with plenty of time to get things dropped off, children signed in, etc. Don’t come before the Teacher recommends, but coming in once […]

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