PAC is committed to making the cooperative preschool experience available to those not otherwise able to afford it. To apply for a scholarship, contact your preschool Treasurer when registration is complete. Treasurers keep scholarship requests confidential and can provide the scholarship application form and information.

Most scholarships are provided through PAC but some co-ops have additional scholarships available to help families in need.

Scholarship Timing

Scholarships are awarded quarterly. Families whose need continues should apply for scholarship assistance again in the next quarter. Treasurers can provide deadlines for quarterly scholarship applications.

Co-op in-house scholarship funds may provide additional financial assistance or assistance to families who require help before the next PAC scholarship quarter begins.

What do Scholarships Pay?

Through the PAC Scholarship Fund, qualifying families may receive up to 75% of their co-op tuition costs. The percentage funded changes each year based on supply and demand. The Scholarship Committee works with parent educators to fairly parcel out what is available. Each year, around 80 families, or 10% of our co-op population, are helped in this way. 100% of the money raised for the scholarship fund goes to tuition assistance.

How Scholarships Are Funded

The scholarship fund is maintained by contributions from all the co-op preschool classes with each class participating in fundraising activities to contribute $40** per child enrolled as of January 31 for the following year’s scholarships. PAC expects these contributions to come from the class fundraising activities (not tuition) to keep tuition rates as affordable as possible. Fundraising ideas are shared to help co-ops meet or exceed this contribution without placing an additional financial burden on co-op families.

The PAC Fundraising Committee also organizes fundraising events, applies for grants, and seeks tax-deductible donations to obtain additional funding so that our classes can be available to low-income families in need of the valuable early childhood and parent education & support that participating in co-op provides. Donations are always welcome.

2018 Parent Advisory Raffle Procurement Form

**Amount as of Fall, 2017.

Support the Scholarship Fund

The NSC Cooperative Preschool PAC Scholarship Fund provides financial assistance to families who need help paying for preschool. Qualifying families may receive up to 50% of their co-op tuition costs.

Each year, around 80 families or 10% of our co-op population are helped in this way. 100% of the money raised for the scholarship fund goes to tuition assistance. Our requests for scholarship funds continue to increase each year.

For more information on scholarships or if you would like to apply for a scholarship go to the Scholarships page of this website.

If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation, please send a check made payable to PAC, with “Scholarship Fund” on the memo line of the check.:

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Parent Education Program
North Seattle College
9600 College Way North
Seattle, WA 98103

Thank you for your support!