Family Connector University is a Parent Leadership Education class, a partnership between North Seattle College and Seattle Public Schools, with the primary goals of supporting parents to enhance their skills and work as equal partners in their child’s education as well as developing their skills to advocate effectively for their students, their school district and their community. Parents who register for this class become students at the North Seattle College Parent Education Program.

Class objectives:

  • Successfully advocate for their child
  • Understand and navigate the school system
  • Foster and build collaboration and communication among families, school and community
  • Understand and interpret student, school and district data
  • Understand and develop college bound atmosphere in the home
  • Understand and receive support around financial literacy
  • Prepare families and students for college and career goals

Who: North Seattle College Parent Education faculty along with presenters provided by Seattle Public Schools

Fall Quarter 2018

Class Location: Graham Hill Elementary School (5149 S. Graham St. Seattle, WA 98118)

Dates: Wednesdays starting October 3rd

Time: 6-8pm

Cost: $37.25 for North Seattle College Tuition for the 2 credit class (financial assistance available to those who qualify)


For information: Betty Williams (206) 934-4571

To register as a new student:
This will be a two-step process: set up account/apply and then register.

If you need financial assistance please do not make a payment. We will have financial aid forms available for you to fill out during the first class.