Join our community of online learners!

North Seattle College offers online courses throughout the year to improve parenting skills in a flexible setting.

This winter quarter we are offering not 1, but 2 online parenting/teaching classes! 

Understanding Children 9355 is called Virtual Learning and Discipline. It’s for families and teachers who are involved in remote school with children this year. Our goal is to create a community of adults who can support each other during this new school year, and who can strategize ways to make virtual learning more successful and less stressful for everyone involved! Our focus this quarter will be on behavioral changes and challenges we’re seeing in children during the pandemic.
Understanding Children 9354 is called Supporting Parents and Strengthening Families,
It is an updated version of the course we’ve offered in the past, taking virtual school experiences and repercussions of the pandemic into account. Family units are struggling and many of us are under a good deal of stress. The class is designed to create a community interested in offering support to fellow classmates and a safe place to express frustrations.
Please consider joining us in either, or both, of these classes in January. These are both 5 credit classes, and you can choose to audit if you’re concerned about workload, although most of the assignments will be class discussions to support one another.
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