Join our community of online learners!

North Seattle College offers online courses throughout the year to improve parenting skills in a flexible setting.

This fall we are offering not 1, but 2 online parenting/teaching classes this quarter! 

Understanding Children 9355 is called Supporting Virtual Learning, and is designed to help parents support their children with remote school and to help teachers TEACH remotely. We taught a version of this class over the summer and it filled right away. The class creates a community of parents and teachers working together and sharing strategies, so that no one has to reinvent the wheel.
Understanding Children 9354 is called Discipline+Connection, and has been updated to assist parents and teachers with common guidance/discipline concerns that have been cropping up lately. We’ll cover Positive Discipline, Emotion Coaching, Setting Limits- all through the lens of the pandemic. 
Both classes are 5 credits each, consisting of weekly readings and discussions, with an occasional short essay. The content is covered at your own pace, weekly, and there is no live component. Students receive the same 85% tuition waiver that they do with a regular coop class.
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