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Understanding Children is relevant to parents, teachers, caregivers, early childhood providers, and others seeking to share, discuss and learn with each other. Topics change quarterly and cover a wide range of areas to support the learning and development of young and school-age children.

This fully online class includes an instructor-generated track (where instructors choose discussion topics based on student need) and an emergent curriculum. Students network, share information, ask questions, provide mutual support, and practice skills with children in their care. Updated research and resources about early childhood help students create a virtual library of articles and web links.

The class is offered quarterly and the tuition is $85.00 (5 credits), plus a technology fee of $35.00, for a total of $120.00.

For more information and to register , visit:

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Course Content

This online class is designed to give students flexibility in and accessibility to obtaining parenting/working with children information. This course will also provide a forum to share questions with other registered parents, nannies, childcare providers, and the instructors teaching this class.

The design of this course allows for two tracks: instructor generated and an open forum for current concerns and support.

For the instructor-generated track, we have chosen topics which, from our experience, have proven to be areas about which parents/providers have voiced a need for the research and information. These topics may range from multiple intelligences to social development. The other track is designed as an open forum where students can network with other classmates and instructors to ask questions and provide support for each other. Students will have a chance to practice skills with the children in their care.

Course Goals

The goals of this course are:

  • to increase parenting/working with children skills
  • to present opportunities for interaction
  • to accumulate a virtual library of articles and web links
  • to provide a mechanism for meeting the unique needs individual students
  • and to be a vehicle to receive, share, and discuss parenting/working with children information.

Course Expectations

Students are expected to answer 3-4 discussion questions per week.

Students are also required to respond (in the Discussion Area) to at least 3 other students’ postings per topic. At the beginning of each topic assignment, the student is expected to read the assignment, follow the directions, and respond appropriately to other students’ postings. Postings are expected which will reflect the results of the assignment and any additional thinking. Students will occasionally be required to submit a short which reflects on the week’s readings. Additionally, students are encouraged to post about any issue or concern not covered in the course content.