North Seattle College Parent Education faculty member Tania Hino invites guests to discuss parenting topics and tools that will help parents, teachers, and other caregivers. Guests from the NSC cooperative preschool community include both parent educators with expertise in specific areas and co-op parents themselves sharing their wisdom and experiences.

Tania (she/her/ella) is a bilingual social worker, parenting instructor, facilitator, wife, and mother of three vibrant multicultural children. For more information visit her website


Episode 6

AntoinetteIn episode 6, Tania talks to Antoinette about raising your kid bilingual.

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Episode 5


In episode 5, Tania talks with Lea Evans, Parent Educator, on Bilingualism in Children.

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Episode 4

Shakira and Cedar, 1 year old Tania speaks with Shakira Rae Adams M Ed. (they/them) on non-binary genders.

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Episode 3

Beth Goss
In episode 3, Tania discusses stress and anxiety with Beth Goss.

Episode 2

Barbara AlfeoIn episode 2, Tania discusses parenting experiences with Barbara Alfeo.

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Episode 1

Betty Peralta

In episode 1, Tania talks with Betty Peralta about connecting with kids during conflict.

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